PCS AGMs – get involved & get to PCS Conference

Your branch will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) over the next few weeks, and the Young Members’ Network wants to encourage every young member to attend and get involved.

Branch AGMs are a core part of the union’s democracy and decide not only who your local reps and branch officers are, but also put forward who they want to lead the union and motions on how it should be run.

Young Members can get involved by:

  • Attending the AGM, voting and discussing issues
  • Helping to publicise the AGM to work friends & colleague.
  • Encouraging other young members in your branch to attend.
  • Put yourself forward to be on the branch executive, become a new rep or the young members’ branch convenor.
  • Write a short motion on an issue you think is important to the union. This can be on a local issue (branch motion), an issue affecting members in your Group e.g. DWP/HMRC (group motion) or one affecting all members (national motion).
  • Nominate yourself to go to your Group or Annual Delegate Conference

If your branch delegation to conference is full or you’re not sure you’re ready to go as a full delegate, why not ask to go as a trainee delegate or paid observer?

Trainee Delegates/Paid Observers to annual & group conferences

Group & Annual Delegate Conferences is takes place from the 19th – 22th May, where hundreds of reps from branches from across the country will gather in Brighton to debate and vote on the direction of your union, and we want more young people to be involved. (Group conference takes place on 19 and/or 20 (am) and national conference from 20 (pm) – 22 May).

Each year, branches can nominate members who have never attended conference before to go as trainee delegates/paid observers to either Group and/or National conference. Training is provided when they arrive, but you’ll be present for the majority of the conference, assisting in its running and you can participate in the huge range of fringes & socials that take place around Conference. Accommodation, travel & subsistence expenses are provided and depending on your employer, you may be able to get special leave to attend.

If you want to know more, speak to your local branch rep or branch officer for more information and how your branch can nominate you to attend. More details about Annual Delegate Conference can be found online here and Group conference details can be found on the associated Group page.

If you have any questions, problems or want to find out more about how you can get involved, feel free to email myself, your regional young member convenor or the young members inbox at youngmembers@pcs.org.uk.

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