March is the TUC Young Workers Month

After years of lobbying by PCS and other unions, the TUC is holding its first ever Young Workers’ Month. Throughout March, trade unions across the UK will be holding events and campaigns aimed at recruiting and organising young people in trade unions.

With the average age of trade unionists increasing (over 36% are now over 50 years old compared to 22% in 1995), we as trade unionists need to be focusing on recruiting young people, especially at a time when they are most likely to be in un-unionised workplaces on low pay and temporary/zero hour contracts. Young Workers’ Month is the start of a new campaign that focuses trade unions to target young people and show them that the only way to improve their situation at work and in society, is to join a trade union, get active and fight for it.

The PCS Young Members’ Network will be taking part in Young Workers’ Month, working with other unions and groups where possible and extending our young members programme with a range of events.

The main focus of the month will be not only recruiting and getting young members active, but also assisting in the national campaign to defend against the blatant political attack to withdraw check off across the civil service. The Regional young members’ convenors are looking to target key workplaces to sign up members whilst working with other young reps on the ground.

Alongside this, we’re holding a series of regional young members training events, posting a series of blogs and articles on young members’ issues and looking at holding a political education day for more advanced reps.

Branches and reps can all take part and help support Young Workers Month by publicising the events to their members and reps and can participate in the TUC Young Workers’ Month by:

  • First & most importantly, get young members signed up to the young members network via the inbox or alternatively use the PCS YM website
  • Invite young members to your BEC as an observer and ask them to be co-opted onto your BEC
  • Get your young members involved in signing themselves and other members up to direct debit
  • Sign up young members in your branch to attend Annual Delegate Conference or Group Conference as a trainee delegate or paid observer
  • Invite your young activists to attend Young Members training events happening around the country
  • Stand for regional young members roles and attend the Young Members Forum in June

 If you require any materials for signing young members up to direct debit, contact your regional office. For more information about the PCS Young Members, check out the online blog or email the young members network directly at

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