National Young Members training now available!

As part of the TUC Young Workers Month, the Young Members Network is hosting young members training on Tues 1st April in PCS HQ, Clapham. The training is open to all young members who are 27 and under, aimed at not just developing new young PCS reps but also getting together young people members to discuss how we can organise and campaign against austerity.

The training will cover:

  • Getting more involved in the PCS & the young members network
  • How we can campaign on issues that matter to you & other young people – everything from calling meetings to planning a strategy 
  • How to take this back and organise in your workplace, branch & region and link up with other young reps from both the PCS and other unions

To apply, email with your name, membership number and your D.O.B. Travel & subsistence will be covered by the union in line with PCS policy.

If you can’t attend the training but would like to attend in future, let us know! This is a short turn around for many, however we are planning follow up events and potentially more training so if you are interested in getting more involved we can ensure you’re invited to the next meeting.

If you’re not getting the Young Member emails – make sure you sign up to the PCS Young Members Network today at:

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