Why Young Members should vote YES & YES in the HMRC Ballot

HMRC Must improveAs young members we are facing the brunt of HMRC attacks on staff.

Many of you are on FTA contracts that will soon expire. Those of you who are on permanent contracts face ever increasing workloads and unrealistic demands as the staffing crisis grows within HMRC. This is tied into a Performance Management system that will mean that as a young person you’re more likely to face a Must Improve marking than others. As staff cuts continue to bite, so are all opportunities for a career and whilst resources are stripped from the Department, so is the chance for a decent pay rise.

Yet even in this climate through negotiations we have already achieved much: extensions of thousands FTA contracts, saving nurseries in a number of sites, an ongoing call centre agreement and recently winning new concessions in PT Ops.

However, now we have reached a point where they can go no further. HMRC Permanent Secretary Lin Homer has refused all meetings with PCS to discuss the future of HMRC. Enquiry centres are set to be closed, staffing levels are at a critical level in some areas with FTAs to be let go and private companies are being brought in to “trial” telephony work. The employer’s position is that this is going to happen and our role is merely to implement it.

The loss of thousands of jobs is unacceptable and is why the Group Executive voted unanimously to ballot for action. The full details of the demands and correspondence can be found online here.

We know that by investing more in staff we can not only provide a better service but also collect more tax that can be put back into more services. Yet, HMRC and their pay masters in Government and the Cabinet Office don’t want to listen and only want to strip the department bare.

To do nothing will not only be accepting the changes, but also to invite more job losses & detrimental changes to our terms & conditions. By voting to take action we will show the employer that we are serious about defending our members and demand that if there isn’t genuine negotiations then we are not afraid to fight back.

Vote Yes for action short of strike and for strike action itself and join the fight for an alternative HMRC. For enquiry centres to remain open, FTAs to be made permanent, an end to the hated PMR and privatisation and for investment into services

What you can do to build the strike

  • Forward this message on to other young members in your area
  • Speak to your colleagues about the issues, ensure they received a ballot paper and encourage them to vote yes and yes
  • Speak with your BEC about leafleting your office with the Vote Yes material
  • Ask non-members to join the union and get involved in fighting for an alternative HMRC
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