Why young people should support July 10th – We all need a pay rise!

Dean SwiftDean Swift, PCS London & South East Young Members Convener, talks about why the industrial action on July 10th is so important for young people.


The 10th of July 2014 could be one of those days that go down in history but that can, and will only happen if you play YOUR part!

With a 1% pay increase imposed on staff across the civil service after a pay freeze of 4 years people are having to make choices of whether to eat or pay their rent with the cost of living soaring above the increases that many staff didn’t even notice they even had been given in their pay packets! Choices like these are having to be made on a day to day basis by people who thought they were well valued members of staff and working for a caring and respectable employer.

Recently the PCS union released their pay calculator which had members of staff astounded when they could see before their eyes some were loosing up to £6,000 in their wages as part of the governments austerity program.

Young people are bearing the brunt of the austerity program being pushed through by this government with 1 million 18 to 24 year olds unemployed and for the “lucky” few that are, they are subject to zero hour contracts with no guarantee of work, meaningless and pitiful terms and conditions and a national minimum wage of £2.68 for apprenticeships, £3.72 for under 18’s and £5.03 for under 21’s.

The heart breaking story of Martin Hadfield who took his own life at the aged of 20 after spending months and months looking for employment really drives home the fact that these are real people with real hopes and aspirations who are facing real day to day struggles who are simply being cast aside by a system offering so many so little.

It is the future of this country that lays with the people who are are currently being crushed by the governments austerity program with no future for jobs, no future for housing and no future for education! With the energy, ambition and and talents of today’s youth being used as slave labour in order to boost the profits of the rich bankers and businessmen and the 10th of July is your chance to show this government that THEY NEED YOU!

With an overwhelming show of strength with a vote of 73% demanding strike action PCS are being joined by many other unions such as GMB, UNITE, National union of Teachers, NIPSA, UNISON and the Fire brigades union. With an estimated 1.5 million workers walking out on 10th July this is a real opportunity to change the future for yourself, your children and your grandchildren!

I will be joining the strike action on 10th July because I don’t want to have to choose between bread and milk anymore and young people in this country deserve a future!

Young members have a massive part to play on 10th July! Support the action by joining a picket line, getting involved with the rallies and demonstrations, signing a friend up to join the union and use the PCS pay squeeze calculator to find out how much this government really is costing you!

10485114_10152567986719669_1007891413444680794_nWhat you can do to build for July 10th:

  •  change your social media profile to the pic above to show your support for J10
  •  Tweet to @pcs_union why you need a pay rise #weallneedapayrise
  •  speak to the colleagues in your workplace about why they should take action
  •  leaflet your branch with J10 leaflets
  •  help support the picket line on Thursday morning
  • join demos and rallies in your area on strike day and invite friends and family
  • Most importantly, get active in your branch and the YMN to help us build the fight back against austerity
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