PCS National Young Members Update

The newly elected PCS National Young Members Committee (NYMC) had its first meeting in September to discuss organising young members across the country and how we can continue to recruit and develop young people in the trade union movement. Regional conveners and officers discussed a range of issues to take back to their regions, to consult on key issues effecting the union and to build for future events & campaigns.

Young members will be out for building for the national day of action on Oct 15th, helping to get members out and organise pickets, followed by attending the TUC march for Fair Pay, (where young members will be marching as a block if you would like to join us!). The Direct Debit campaign is also at the fore front of our minds, and the committee is organising to ensure that not only do we sign up the youth activists, but they also taking the lead on organising to defend our union. We are also consulting on where next for the national campaign, how we can get young people involved in “Make Your Vote Count”, including our stance on UKIP, and working with our unions young members to deliver joint work and political training.

TUC Young Workers Month

The TUC Young Workers Month will be taking place this November, where trade unions across the UK will be putting on events and activity to build the next generation of activists and reps. PCS has been at the forefront of organising this within the TUC and will be organising across the UK to get young people involved in the fight back against austerity.

A branch circular and materials will be available and sent out to branches later this month. Get in touch with your local convener if you want to know more or get involved! Regional conveners have been meeting this month to organise meetings, training, protests and workplace activity and will putting out information round regions and groups separately.

The Young Members Network submitted an emergency motion to the NEC to take to the TUC National Conference. The NEC fully supported the NYMC position, and though couldn’t raise the emergency motion, raised the issue at conference. Helen Flanagan of the NEC demanded an explanation of why any statement was made suggesting that unpaid work scheme was acceptable to trade unionists. The TUC responded with an apology, confirmed its position that all work should be paid and that the PCS and the TUC Young Members Forum would be consulted in future.

The NYMC will continue to follow this up nationally through the TUC Young Members Forum not only to win the position for all work to be paid but how we can go out and fight for it.

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