About Us

The PCS Young Members Network is an equality network within the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union and any PCS member aged 27 years under and can join. Our role is to give young members a voice in the union and to campaign on issues that affect them.

Democratically run by young members, for young members, our aim is to recruit, organise and develop young people to become the next layer of union activists . To achieve this, the network hosts meetings, builds demonstrations and campaigns, organises specific young member training events and, of course, organises socials and go to festivals in the mean time! Not just limited to the confines of the PCS,  we work with other union young members through the TUC Young Workers Forum and campaign groups like the Youth Fight for Jobs Campaign to do joint campaign work and unite struggles to cover all walks of life.

The network is run by the National Young Members Committee (NYMC) which is made up of a chair, vice chair, equality’s officer and 10 convenors each representing their region. All officers are elected by young members at our main annual conference, the Young Members Forum, which takes place over the summer and the convenors are elected at regional YM AGMs.

If you want to find out more, contact the Young Members Inbox at:


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